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Firefox location bar history does not clear

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Problem: When I attempt to delete or clear the Location bar, nothing happens. The Location Bar remains fixed and does not update as I browse. This fixed Location Bar history still remains despite various methods of clearing it. Specs: Running Firefox 3.6.8 on Windows Vista. Details: Despite various methods, location bar history remains fixed and does not change or update as I browse. I wish for it to display an accurate history but it instead remains fixed. The only way to clear it is to open Tools > Options, and click on Nothing under Location bar suggestions. However, this renders the location bar useless for providing history.

- Selecting websites in Location Bar and pressing "Delete" or "Backspace" has no lasting effect. The website goes away while the Location Bar is pulled down, but reappears in the exact same spot when the Location Bar is viewed again. - Clearing recent history, with time range set to everything and all options selected in the Details panel, does nothing. - Pressing Ctrl-Shift-H and deleting all history does not clear Location Bar. - While in History, highlighting any websites displayed on the Location Bar and telling Firefox to forget it does not clear the Location Bar. - Running Firefox in Safe Mode still gives me the same problem. Location Bar does not change. P.S. Location Bar does not display Bookmarks. There are no stars next to any web addresses despite changing Location Bar Suggestion settings to "Bookmarks".

I simply want to get my Location Bar back in working order, but have been unable to do so following the conventional methods suggested on Firefox Support. Thanks for your help!

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