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on line banking now does not recognize me when loging in, alway have to answer security question(s), how do i fix

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recently updated to latest version(not beta) and now when logging on to for on line banking i am not recognized as personal computer and am asked to provide answers to security questions before moving on to password

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Try deleting the cookies for the site and clearing the cache, this can sometimes help with this sort of problem. For details see Clear cookies and site data in Firefox and How to clear the Firefox cache.

As an aside, you mention that you have the latest non-beta version, which should be 3.6.9, but your user agent is showing that you have 3.0.11. Try resetting your user agent by following the method in the Websites say that Firefox is outdated or incompatible even though it's the latest version article. In your case as the complete user agent string is for 3.0.11, you may need to reset the preference general.useragent.override as shown in that article.