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Can anyone tell me how to get the Firefly addon for Firefox 3.6.8 despite the fact that my installation attempt results in the message that it can't be installed because it's incompatible with 3.6.8?

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Need it on both Mac and PC. I use it with my old computer running Firefox 3.6.8 just fine but installed the addon before upgrading to 3.6.8. Additionally, I know other people who are running Firefox 3.6.8 + Firefly without a problem. I uninstalled Firefox and installed the oldest version I could find (3.5) and tried to add it that version but had the same problem. I disabled all other extensions but still no luck. Thanks so much!

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Hello there.

If the add-on is incompatible with your current version, you need to contact its author and ask him to update his add-on.

There is a way, however, to force compatibility on all add-ons. See this:


If you have any questions about the process, just ask.