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I am stationed in Germany and recently firefox started rerouting me to german versions of popular websites such as MSN, Yahoo, google etc... and i am unable to navigate back to the american version.

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Firefox has always redirected me to the german versions of most websites, however these sites usually have a way to direct yourself back to the American version of the website. Unfortunately, that does not seem to work anymore. I use to be able to select, in the corner of, however now those navigation buttons only take me right back to the german versions.

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Try checking the locale values in about:config




If they are not "en" that could be your problem.

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Such prefs shouldn't be there. If you have CTxxx prefs then they may have been added by a Conduit toolbar.

Does this work: ?

You can click the link "Weitere Yahoo! Seiten" and go to the "Weltweit" tab

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