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Starting to get very tired of this problem!!

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From version "Firefox 3.6.4 and up to 3.6.8" I can not open "Tools-settings". Firefox locks up totally and will not create any crash report.I have started in Safe Mode and disabled all plugins, the error is still there. I have made a completely new installation, first I removed all of the Mozilla, Firefox and plugins in "My Documents ...." and the "Program Folder", the error is still there.I disabled all my security software and tested Firefox, the error is still there. Now I'm back to "Firefox 3.6.3" and everything works perfectly. I do not want to install "Firefox 3.5.10". What have you done with Firefox 3.6.4 and up because it is so much trouble? Have never had a problem from Firefox 3.6.3 and lower versions. Give me absolutely no links to pages that I can read the troubleshooting, I've already followed these.

Can not open "settings".

What should I do to fix this problem?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Firefox 3.6.4

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"My Documents ...." Edit: "Users ...."