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FF - Adobe Flash conflict - can we use an old Flash plug-in?

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I have FF 3.6.8, downloaded the Flash plugin v. 10 and I can't get Google Maps, FF crashes. So I uninstalled the Flash plugin, and am able to get Google Maps again, however, I can't watch any videos or anything. Is there an older version of the Flash plugin that we can use until you people get this straightened out?

Obviously it's a serious problem, otherwise so many people wouldn't be complaining here. I even opened Opera tonight, and if I have to keep using that I will.

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Adobe has to sort out the problems with Flash, after all it is their application. Mozilla has nothing to do with it except for allowing it to be installed for Firefox.

Look for an older version of Flash at the Adobe website. http://adobe.com/

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I have same problem, FF3.6.8 don't see new flash player. I have install flash 10. ... but in FF add-ons is still flash 9.0.16 ! even after restart. Please help right now i must install Chrome to use YouTube.