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When using Firefox certain videos play but the image is green and distorted.. help?

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Firefox 3.6.8 and 3.5 (I downgraded to see if that would solve the issue) Windows 7 Intel Core i5 Flash Player: WIN 10,1,53,64

When using Firefox certain videos play but the image is green and distorted. The image turns into lines and sometimes it half of the screen of the video. Examples are streaming MLB.tv video and some vimeo videos. The odd thing is that it isn’t all Vimeo videos. Is this a flash issue?

The issue does not happen with Internet Explorer which leads me to believe this is an issue with Firefox. I downgraded to 3.5 and the issue still persists.

Screen Caps: http://yfrog.com/1x46496103j and http://yfrog.com/n112309689j

Any help?

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Exact same, happens with youtube. I find it only happens after you have viewed a few videos, so no ideo if it's a cache related issue or something.

When I try effected videos in IE, there's no problem. I've not watched enough videos in IE to know if it is a flash issue.

Flash Version: Firefox 3.6.8

Add ons: Adblock Plus Foxy Tunes Tor button switch proxy Java

No new plugins or add ons added recently, just update of firefox, and possibly Flash.

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Try disabling hardware acceleration in your Flash settings (using Firefox, right-click on any Flash object on a webpage, select Settings, uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration on the Display tab).

Ref: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Flash#Performance_or_display_issues_with_certain_Flash_videos

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I also have this problem. It occurs in both Firefox and IE 8. Disabling hardware accelerator makes no difference. It seem to happen more on certain sites and almost never happens on other sites. I images look like the examples. I find fewer problems in Firefox. It only happens on my Windows 7 machine and never on my VISTA or XP machine. In fact running virtual XP on my windows 7 machine shows no problem in XP mode

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