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I cannot continue with my listing. "Accept paypal as payment" suddenly appears although I have been selling for months

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I cannot continue with my lisint on Mozilla. Stuck on second page, with message"accept paypal as payment method" which I already have as I have been selling successfully for several months already.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== About two weeks ago

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Firefox version: 1.0.5

Tell me you aren't really using a 5 year old version of Firefox.

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I probably am. I probably speak for most mothers and wives with more technologically advanced teenage children and husbands who do not have the patience or inclination to help out a less ict savvy female like myself. I am usually left to deal with my own problems; but who do they run to when they have problems? You guessed. Do you suggest I download a more modern Firefox version? I'll try and see if that works. Thanks for your advice.