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It's all screwed up

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I can't begin to tell you because the whole set up is a mess. Tiny print (regardless of instructions) pages won't open, often can not get access to page, and each time you make a change, it get's worse. With 2 new updates your requested me to make (3.7 & 3.8) I afraid my computer will be ruined. You also request I upgrade to adobe 10.1. I don't know how. Am I suppose to simply install it or do I uninstall 7.9 first and when will all your problems with firefox stop being my problems? How do I talk to a real person? You sure aren't like dealing with Apple. Firefox not user friendly unless you are a scientist.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== When I upgrade to firefox 3.6

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1) Mozilla doesn't offer telephone support for Firefox, and never has.

2) Quite honestly, if you don't want to use a support forum for help or don't want to read the help pages available here, maybe Firefox isn't the browser for you.