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MJB: FF 3.6.6 Crashes Repeatedly, even when idle

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[Apologies, I clicked the wrong URL and shut the previous thread by mistake.]

I have FF 3.6.6 randomly crashing when I am not even doing anything. I have two websites open normally, neither of them uses Flash or any adobe plug-ins. One auto-refreshes content every few minutes, but it is text and basic JPG/GIF graphics (run by JavaScript I presume). The other site does nothing if I take no actions. But several times a day, FF just shuts down silently.

I am running on linux Mint 9 KDE Edition.

about:crashes says the URL is invalid. ~/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/ doesn't exist; ~/.mozilla/firefox/ contains a single file called .profiles.ini - nor could I find a folder by that name in any of the directories related to FireFox.

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I have now scanned my entire HD for a folder (or file) named Crash Reports, with no luck.

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Install the ViewAbout extension for Firefox restart the app. then go to View | ViewAbout | about:crashes

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OK, I installed that. You may not believe this but there is no "crashes" option in the new menu. It goes: about, buildconfig, cache, config, credits, ....

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Выбранное решение

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Thanks for the anti-virus links, but that's all Windows software; I'm on linux. :-)

I'll try safe mode and report back when I have news.

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Btw, I need to point out that my system is a clean install as of a few days ago, to a new hard drive, so the OS was installed from scratch, along with all other software.

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OK, after eliminating and testing, it seems (!) that the crash is caused by Mint Search Enhancer - which comes preinstalled with the OS and FF 3.6.6. I had it disabled and had no crashes for a full day. Re-enabled and FF crashed within a few hours.

I don't have certainty that this was the culprit as I might simply not have left things going long enough for them to provoke a crash. But it does seem to be the case.

Anyway, thank you for the assistance. :-)