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adobe flash plugin crashed, how do I fix it?

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I try to play Treasure Isle on Facebook and I cant because it keeps saying adobe flash plugin crashed. How do I fix the problem to prevent this from happening?

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I followed instructions that cor-el provided:

You can set the prefs dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.* to false on the about:config page to disable the plugin-container process to see if that helps.

This helped me with paltalk express crashing when password was entered, now it works as usual.

Many Thanks to cor-el for for your useful contributions!

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Same issue with 4.0B1 & B2, my flash player will crash constantly.

Timeout is set to -1, uninstalled/reinstalled flash, nothing works but running IE8 for flash content.

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Nothing seems to work despite spending hours looking for answers...I guess the real answer is Mozilla and Adobe are at fault and neither are doing enough to rectify this. Flash is also crashing explorer so I veer towards it being an Adobe issue... Can someone PLEASE sort this problem!!!!!!!

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I have the same problem! Everytime I get on anything with a multimedia image or video, that infamous error pops up. I'm pretty tired of people telling me to change the settings in about:config, because truthfully, it doesn't help. I've been struggling with this for days. I'm doing my best to find a solution, but it's the same single thing everytime. Ecspecially on YouTube, and if I manage to scrimage in some of the video, it crashes right in the beginning and it runs rather slowly and choppy. Please, someone who's experienced this and knows something to make it work, HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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I have the same problems with my games I am wondering if I need to use something else if it can't be repaired

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yes i can't play two of my game on facebook because Adobe Flash plugin on firefox keep crashing not getting any Results at all. is there anyone can help me please

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Adobe is proud to present the new and improved ADOBE CRASH PLAYER. Some of the new features which have been included in this update is:

  • More often and irritating crash instances
  • Poor Youtube viewing experience
  • An actual reason for the refresh button
  • Makes the joy of Facebook Games obsolete

Enjoy the new product and lets hope the percentage of FLASH related suicides don't increase worldwide


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Adobe has just release an update to Flash that is supposed to fix the crashing issues. You can find the release notes here:


Anyone interested in trying the fix can get if from the Adobe website. You won't get an auto prompt at this point. If you downgraded to 10.x you won't get the update ever, so please be aware of that.

Make sure you uncheck any other software they might try to bundle with the download if you don't want it on your computer.


Please post back on if this works or not. Any feedback would be helpful!

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This thread was locked because of a new feature just added to the Support Forum, that automatically locks a thread if it was originally created over 180 days in the past.

If anyone needs help with the Adobe plugin crashing or with Firefox crashing with Flash 11.3 see these articles:

If you need more help, you should ask a new question. You can use this link as a starting point: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/new

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