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How do I clear the location bar history? The results are not bookmarks left in the Smart Location Bar, they are previously visited sites. The location bar is set to suggest history only and I've used the clear recent history option (toggled everything b

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I can't clear the location bar history. Every previous forum entry relating to this problem has had a mozilla rep suggest that the results are bookmarks. Well, that isn't the case here. The results in the location bar are history results only because I have it set to suggest only history and not bookmarks. I've clicked on Clear Recent History and I toggled EVERYTHING (I previously said I didn't toggle cookies but I just tried it now while posting this question) and the history STILL appears. This issue is a huge pain. I have Firefox 3.6.4 on Mac OSX 10.4.11

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Try toggling the settings for the Address bar autocomplete suggestions in Firefox.

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I tried that previously and it didn't correct the problem.

I think my issue has already been solved actually. I deleted the "places.sqlite" and "places.sqlite-journal" files from the Firefox profile folder under Application Support. 'Clear Recent History' works now.

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Yep. A corrupted Places.sqlite file will generally cause history wonkiness and lost bookmarks.

Recovering important data from an old profile has more info on what files correspond to what function, if you're interested.