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Firefox won't allow me to download its latest version

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When I click to download I'm told that my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run this version. It appears that I meet all the minimum requirements, though.

I have:

Windows XP SP 2 37 GB harddrive Pentium (R)2.40 Ghz 256 MB ram

What am I missing here?

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Hello Chad.

I can't be certain, but it's probably that you don't have Windows XP service pack 3 installed.

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I looked into updating to SP3 and it's way too much software to download for what it's worth. I hope this isn't my only option. The system requirements for Firefox shows no mention of any service packs needed..

Any other ideas?


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It's true Chad, there are no mentions, which kind of puzzles me too... Can you please show me a screenshot of the message that appears?

If you need help taking the screenshot, see: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/tips/screenshot.mspx

Please save the image in as much quality as possible (don't save in bmp please!!!). If you need to circumvent the 200KB file size limit here you can try using an external image hosting service (like http://imageshack.us/ ) and posting the link here.