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Plugin check makes incorrect or misleading diagnosis about quicktime version on Mac OS X 10.6.4

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After reading about security issues with plugins, I ran the Mozilla plugin check to see if my plugins are up to date. It says my Quicktime plug-in is out of date and points me to the Apple web site for an update. However the information on the apple web site tells me about an upgrade to a version 7.something, available for Mac OS X versions up to 10.5.something, when my computer is running Mac OS X 10.6.4 and quicktime on my computer claims to be version 10 -- both of which are *later* than what I'm told to "upgrade" to. This makes no sense.

== I visited the mozilla plugin check web page.

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I have the same problem, with slightly different versions:

Mac OS X 10.6.4 Firefox 3.6.4

According to plugin check I have QuickTime 7.6.3. and it is outdated. I downloaded update to 7.6.6 and got message that it can't be installed because I already have QuickTime Player 10.0. Does Firefox recognize 10.0 as a plugin? Do I need to disable 7.6.3? Do I delete 7.6.3 and, if so, how? How do I get 10.0 to show up as a plugin in Firefox? Lots of questions! I'm stumped.