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how do i view cookies and objects?

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I used to be able to view cookies and objects by going to Tools and internet options. How do I do it now? Thank you.

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Hello kirk,

in Firefox, you can view Cookies the following way:

  1. Right-click on the website and choose Show Page information from the context-menu.
  1. Now, you can select the Media tab.
  1. There you should find a way to show media.
  1. For the cookies, it's the Permissions tab.
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please help me also to please enable my java... that's why i can't work with my facebook and yahoo account. pls. thanks

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i can't work with my yahoo messenger, facebook and yahoo mail welll., please give a prior attention with this problem because i really miss my fb friends. thanks

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Lea: please start a new thread or link me to the one you already created!


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An extension at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/315/ will add more verbose info to the Show Page information dialog Tobbi mentioned.

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This is a really convoluted change. Tools->Options has always been the way to view cookies. Now it's not even in the menus anymore. And the cookies dialog has nothing to do with context (the current page) -- even though you now have us right clicking into a "Page Info" dialog. You changed something that was standard into something not obvious.

Please put the view cookies dialog back in options. Thanks

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A quick way to see the cookies from the website in the current tab is to click the favicon at the left side of the location bar A click on the "More Information" button will open the Security tab in "Tools > Page Info". You can inspect the cookies if you click the "View Cookies" button on the Security tab in "Tools > Page Info". You can select all cookies in that window with Shift + cursor Down after you have selected the first cookie and press Delete to remove the selected cookies. Clear the search bar in the Cookie Manager to see all cookies.

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How do I see what sites my kid went to after he gets off the computer and has cleared all history?