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Problem with Spanish accented characters in some sites (e.g. "é" shows as "eacute")

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Spanish accented vocals are not being shown correctly at some pages of a site that I use often (https-based online banking). Note that not all pages at that site show this problem.

On the problematic pages, all accented vocals are shown as a combination of the "&" character plus such vocal (unaccented) plus the "acute" string.

For example:

"Información" shows up as "Información" ---> note that "ó" was replaced by "ó"

"Débitos" shows up as "Débitos" ---> note that "é" was replaced by "é"

I tried many Unicode & Western character encoding options, including UTF-8 which is my default option, with no improvements (actually, using any encoding option different from UTF-8 breaks those pages that previously worked fine at that site).

Note that this happened even before I installed the DownThemAll! extension.

Internet Explorer does not present this problem.

Thanks for your support.

URL of affected sites

Some internal pages at https://www.argentina.citibank.com (once logged in)

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It is possible that those entities are in the page code as & or that they are missing a closing ';' See View > Page Source or select that text and use "View Selection Source" in the right-click context menu.