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I can I overcome a problem with renewing my subscription?

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A pop-up box appeared on my screen saying that "I have twenty-nine days before my subscription ends". I clicked on the "renew now" box and the note said that "I have already renewed". If I did, I don't recall or did I give a credit card number.

This happened

Just once or twice

== I tried to renew my subscription

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The official Firefox is absolutely not something that costs money in any way.

If whatever is tricking you into paying money is claiming to be Firefox, then you have been defrauded. Please fill out the form at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/legal/fraud-report/index.html so the Mozilla legal team can pursue the ones breaking the law.

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Firefox is completely free software. There is never any subscription fee or other charge from Mozilla.

What exactly is prompting you for payment?

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I can appreciate your answer, however, I am under the impression that I have to pay $$$ each year to renew my subscription. If, in your opinion, you feel as though I do not have to pay $$$ to renew, then how do I renew or continue my subscription? I receive messages from AVG saying that my subscription "expires in 29 days" and it is legit from AVG.

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When I click on my AVG icon on my computer to check for updates or make sure that I am protected, on the bottom, it says that my subscription expires in 29 days.

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"ANONYMOUS" answers 2 and 3 are mine. I'm sorry I did not fill in my name.

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It says "your license expires in 29 days". Does that make it easier?