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Firefox Mobile is slow/lags with all operations on Nokia N900

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I've been consistently using the Maemo default browser but decided to try FF again after the recent update. I love the Weave integration, and besides being a die-hard ff user, i like being able to have my bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and history synced, as well as having spell check support.

My issue is that ff is so slow on my phone it is nearly unusable. Startup time is usually 15 seconds minimum, and scrolling, or even side screening to get to tabs, or options takes forever, or i have to just stop and wait for 20 seconds until things "catch up" and even then they're still slow. Is there something I'm doing wrong or something I can do to speed things up??


Extensions installed:


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same for me. slow and no zoom. it's just crap

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You can zoom by either double tapping on an element or by using ctrl+up/down on the keyboard.

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There are a couple issues with the browser that i imagine will be addressed in later versions, such as. The limitations with page scailing and dynamic zoom. N900 long press options not enabled. Lack of flash support without a youtube addon. Generally slow response times.

Firefox hasnt let me down so far with its desktop browser so hopefully they can iron these issues out.

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@Taylor - Flash works, just follow these instructions to enable it: http://www.nokiaphoneblog.com/?p=2945

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After a week of using the N900, I've found that FF Mobile is pretty unusable, even over wifi.

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firefox works perfectly on my n900. so far i havent had issues with it I just like so much! when i downloaded the first time i recall it was really slow. hence i deleted and downloaded again, now it works just fine! you can try reset your device to factory set up and star over. trust me it worths it. peace out.

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Yeah works pretty well, now I've enabled flash.

Bear in mind the N900 doesnt have a huge amount of CPU horsepower so if you've got any other CPU hogs running in the background (the media player "tracker" indexer is one that I've been fighting with) it's going to have a detrimental effect on anything else running.

Download htop from the repository and have a look.

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For some web pages, Firefox appears to be as fast as the built in Maemo Microb browser, but for other websites it is much slower - for example my Zimbra email login.

I hope they optimize it and release a faster Firefox.

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I have n900 working with flash but is very slow, it's a slide show i'm watching. Either they need to put a better cpu or optimize the software. I hope it's just software optimization because if it isn't I'm selling it. I only bought it knowing that it has flash support.