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How can I select text within a page?

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Using Firefox on an N900. I cannot select text or interact with google maps. Like you can by going into cursor mode on the N900 native browser. How is this done in Firefox?

Extensions installed:

ADB, youtube enabler + defaults

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Fennec currently does not support selecting text in a web page. We have this as a feature for the next release.

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Is this feature in the nightly releases? I've got fennec running on my n810 and noticed the tripleclick highlight option in the about:config file. It only seems to work once out of 50 times.  :)

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I'm using the nightly and I have yet to find a way of selecting text. This is really annoying! Great work on the browser though.

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Fennec does not allow selecting text. Sorry. The feature is not planned for the next release either.

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That is embarrassing. One would think selecting/copying something from a web page/forum is essential to web browsing.

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>Fennec does not allow selecting text. Sorry. The feature is not planned for the next release either.

Hi Mark. Actually, we found out that Fennec *does* indeed provide a way to highlight, copy and paste text. Since I've posted my question, we've discovered (via the maemo boards) that all you need to do it point at the start of the text then use shift+right arrow. The other option is to point to the text and press ctrl+A to highlight everything. Then press ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+p to paste. (Note: you will not see a cursor when you point to the start of the text.)

I certainly hope you dev guys ARE working on copy+paste. I agree with Vlad that this could be considered embarrassing. :) This feature is a fundamental these days for any mobile or computer use. Especially when you consider that Fennec has the "copy + paste" context menu and has the triple-click option in about:config.

So, was this removed off the roadmap? You mentioned in a previous post that it was to be part of the next release.

Looking forward to your guys' full implementation of highlight, copy and paste!

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Thank you hordak! The trick you describe is sufficient for now, at least for me. A full implementation would help, though.

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You're welcome, Vlad. (The guys on the maemo board deserve all the credit; I'm just relaying their solution.) It's not perfect, but it works. It's surprising that many of the developers aren't even aware that this is an option. Here's to a full implementation in the future! :)