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How to disable automatic spell checking on Firefox Mobile?

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I installed Firefox onto my N900, and its spell checking functionality annoys me very much. I usually type in a language that it doesn't support, and even in English it sometimes underlines words which it doesn't have in its dictionary.

I know all I have to do is set "layout.spellcheckDefault" to 0 in about:config, but I can't do that... double clicking the setting name just zooms in and out, and there is no way to disable it (or I haven't found it) from the Settings UI.

Finally, I did it by manually editing the following file: /home/opt/mozilla/fennec-1.0.0/defaults/preferences/mobile.js

However, in my opinion, a simple solution should be presented for more casual users.

Extensions installed:

Weave Adblock Plus

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Hi Venemo,

You've found a bug! You're right the dialog that comes up in about:config is broken/hard to use. Sorry for your troubles -- an about:config rework is coming that will make this a lot easier. Thanks for pointing this out!

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This is the relevant bug for your reference: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=540009

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Thanks for your answer! Since then, I figured out that I could change those settings in about:config by selecting them and pressing enter.

By the way I installed the nightly Fennec build, and it seems more responsive than the Firefox-named release version. It doesn't support the Adblock plugin, so that may be reason enough to switch back to the 1.0 version.