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The background colour for some parts of the webpages has changed making it hard to read.

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I know and admit I stuffed up.

One day a long time ago I was prompted for my master password.

When I clicked in that area/field a requester popped up asking me to pick a colour. Confused I picked one - and a bad one I now see.

So now when certain parts of a web page are opened the background colour is this horrible colour and I can't really read what is there.

I don't understand what I did or HOW I did it.

This is a cropped example of the bad contrast I am seeing.


As I said, I admit I stuffed up. But this seems to all have happened since that one time with the main password requester.

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Any text that is filled automatically by Firefox and isn't part of the page and you haven't typed it yourself gets this background like I posted above. You would have to disable "Remember search and form history" and clear currently saved form data.


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Note that file:// URIs are local files on your computer and thus invisible for us. You need to click the Browse button under the Post a Reply form to attach this image.


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Sorry, I thought I got the screen shots working.

I "took" the screen shot. (Ubuntu)

Originally I (habitually) dragged them into the text area and realised they wouldn't work.

So I went down to the "Add images" option and went through the motions.

Navigated to the screen shots and added (one at a time) and ..... that should work reading what is said in the link provided.

They are .png format.


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Hi folks... "Me again".

As much as I thought I had fixed the problem with the wrong background colours..

The problem is kind of back.

Now when I get the requester I click on the selected name and firefox fills in the password.

But this is now what the screen looks like:

Ok, at that stage I don't need to read what's there, but it is a bit annoying.


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Hi there,

Maybe my post here might be helpful for a solution to this: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1360389?page=2#answer-1479952

This explains a method for forcing Firefox to use a Light theme.


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