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Video quality keeps dropping on a streaming site (Viki)

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Dear Support Team,

I have an issue with video playback on one particular site (www.viki.com) that only happens on Firefox as it turns out. Up until today I thought it was an issue with the site itself. While streaming videos on viki.com the video quality keeps dropping from full HD 1080p down to a measly SD 360p; they automatically adjust the video quality based on your internet speed, yet despite having a very stable connection (220mbps) it keeps constantly changing which is very annoying. The weird thing is, though, that this doesn't happen ALL the time, just for a select few (Chinese or Taiwanese) shows. Playing the same episode of one such a show on another browser (in this case Edge), however, is completely normal. Steady 1080p quality throughout. I don't have this problem on any other streaming sites with Firefox (Netflix, Youtube, Prime, etc.), either.

Is there a throttling misstep somewhere in config that I might have overlooked? As far as I know I haven't changed the settings on it.

Would appreciate any help you can provide as I'd rather not switch browsers to fix this issue.

Sincerely, Isabella

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1. Hardware acceleration should be enabled to maximize video playback performance. Go to ☰->Settings->Performance, toggle Use Recommended Performance Settings to Off, enable Use Hardware Acceleration when available.

2. Turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection and disable your extensions in about:addons

3. Use Troubleshoot Mode (although this will turn off hardware acceleration)


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