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Registry value or policies.json key for a headers only IMAP configuration?

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Hey all -

We're running Thunderbird on a terminal server, and I was wondering if there was either a registry value or a key:value entry for the policies.json management option that would allow me to set all instances of Thunderbird, globally, for all users, to download headers only and otherwise use the server (which is on the same network as our terminal server) to pass the message content?

This would be super useful for us as we'd prefer to keep messages stored on our email server, rather than downloading more copies onto our virtual terminal server, and duplicating the use of our limited space.

Is there any way to do this, so that all Thunderbird instances would be forced to operate in "headers only" mode?

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I found a potential option in the policies.json file (described here - https://github.com/thundernest/policy-templates), "Preferences_[name]", where [name] might be the option as it is described in the config editor, but so far I have had no luck finding the actual option in the config editor that controls that.


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Follow up -

I'm not going to post the whole thread here, but suffice it to say, if anyone ELSE is looking for this, I posted over on the Thunderbird for Enterprise Topicbox, and got some good (if disheartening) answers: https://thunderbird.topicbox.com/groups/enterprise/T3bf00043061495e6

I may go ahead and file that bug report, we'll see.


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