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Can't force landscape with Firefox Android

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I usually view websites in landscape. However, when switching between portrait and landscape, firefox seems to refresh the page. This is a problem between browsing sessions, where I just want to continue where I was at. I may be 1/2 way down a page, exit the browser, come back to it a couple of hours later.

The app will start in portrait and then change to landscape. During this process, the page refreshes twice and when it finishes reloading, I will be on a different position on the page and have to find my way back to where I was reading.

So... I want to force firefox in landscape mode to prevent this problem. However: 1. There seems to be no menu item to allow this. 2. A web search says this is available in about:config, but about:config seems to have been disabled a couple of years ago.

Can anyone help with how to force Firefox for Android in landscape?

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Thank you for your question.

I do not think that this is about landscape and I can confirm that about:config will not fix this. It is something that our developers are looking into and you can follow progress on this and leave comments at:



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Thanks for the response Saburo. I read the github issue and it seems it may (or may not) fix my issue. I'll follow the issue to see if it resolves my problem.

Thanks again.


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No problem, glad we could help.


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