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About:Cofig not saving and the new layout

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I HATE the new look. I've hated it ever since they smoothed everything out, and tabs just look like some sort of continuous amorphous mess. I want the lines between tabs so it is easier to distinguish between them. I know that changing the "browser.proton.enabled" to false gets rid of this garbage new look, but for some reason, whenever I switch this over, the setting doesn't save. Every time I reopen FireFox, it reverts back to this ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE layout. (can you tell I hate it? FIX IT MOZILLA!!!!)

Please help...?


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The "browser.proton.enabled" is no longer supported and is best left at its default value (true) to avoid weird issues as it can still have some effects.

It is only possible to override/revert changes coming with the Proton design by using code in userChrome.css.

DISCLAIMER: modifications made through a userChrome.css or userContent.css file can stop working as Firefox evolves in new releases, and can "break" Firefox in serious ways.


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