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Hello, Help anyone with EXPORTING PINNED TOP SITES? I would like to be able to export my "Top site pinned tiles" to other computers. This Q was asked before but the "Chosen Solution" was written in "computerese" Quote:..... "Top Sites are normally created from the history (recent visits with highest frecency) and that would require places.sqlite (bookmarks and history). Top Sites you pinned are stored as a pref in prefs.js and can easily be moved by copying the corresponding line to prefs.js in the other computer. It is best not to copy the full prefs.js, but only copy lines of prefs that you want to keep. The browser.newtabpage.pinned pref stores websites that you have pinned to a tile."

Is there anyone who could give a layman's step-by-step as to how to actually do this??? I searched in Firefox in programs(for prefs.js etc.) .....no luck I searched "browser.newtabpage.pinned pref" in about:config . Something appeard with options like Boolean. I tried to click on it "to open it up" but something changed and it now only offers to toggle true or false. Please help? I'm worried I may have now messed something up. I don't know why this isn't as straightforward as exporting the Bookmarks. Many Thanks

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Lets keep it simple and just sync the computers and watch the magic.



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Thanks Jonz.....but my experience of going down another rabbit hole is a whole new can-of-worms and issues every time. Could anyone answer my question?


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Been awhile but I'm pretty sure I had gone to about:config, entered -- browser.newtabpage.pinned -- clk'd Edit, dragged the cursor to include my 80 Top Sites ( Do capture -- [{\"url\": -- and all to the right) pasted to a Word doc to keep. With new or different Profile I did the reverse Edit, Pasting the entire chain into that block. The same browser.newtabpage.pinned Group is in the Profiles' prefs.js opened with Notepad and same Paste back idea.

WARNING: Changing preferences through this interface not officially supported Hidden settings edited using the about:config tool are explicitly not supported, which means that Mozilla makes no guarantees they will be supported in the future, or that Mozilla will fix them if they break. Mozilla does not test these preferences, and will not in the future. That includes security and performance testing which these preferences may affect.

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