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Multi-account Containers synced in wrong direction

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I installed Firefox on a new device and initiated a sync for multi-account containers - it promptly synced in the wrong direction. It eliminated all customization from what should have been the source (the existing device), overwriting it with the default settings of a first-time installation. I was quite surprised.

This leads me to a couple of questions.

1. Is there a sync version history or any way of rolling back a sync? 2. Is there a way to explicitly choose the sync direction?

Quite honestly it is very confusing that there is no reference whatsoever to which way an initial sync will go. I was hesitant to risk this, decided to trust it knew what to do (even though it didn't give me any indication that it did) and lost my gamble.

Firefox knows the device names, so can I suggest some basic reassuring UX be inserted into this process with something like "Initiate sync from X-DEVICE-FIREFOX to Y-DEVICE-FIREFOX?". A bit of clarity would be helpful here, as well as a way to roll back a syncing mistake instead of just having to gamble possibly losing hard-won customization with no going back.

Or have I completely stumbled past some obvious place where everything I'm requesting exists and is accessible already?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Ever since it launched I was unable to get Multi-account Containers to sync across devices. Tried it across 4 devices and around 8 Firefox installs. Today it worked for the first time... and did this. All of my devices are now synced to the default new install state. Pretty annoying.


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As to your questions, With sync, there is no master. All selected data is shared with all members of the sync. Also, if you were to select bookmarks (for example) all bookmarks are shared. You cannot choose to share some but not others. It's all or nothing.

You can not undo a sync.


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FredMcD dijo

As to your questions, With sync, there is no master. All selected data is shared with all members of the sync.

This is either incorrect or evidence that the feature does not work as intended.

If there were no master there could be no data loss which is the issue here. The feature "synced" devices by removing all data across devices and mapped them to the brand new data-free device in its default state. That's the opposite of both what you describe and what one might expect should happen. It clearly transferred one device's state to another.

Thanks for answering my questions but in light of the statement I quoted from you (assuming you give me and the other commenter the benefit of the doubt that this actually happened) I have another:

How could I have screwed this up and end up with nothing by simply following the prompt to sync my devices and how would I avoid screwing it up again in the future (if I give it another shot)?


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I called for more help.


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