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[SMIME] Encryption and signature information missing when reading mail

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Hello everyone,

I have been running into a display issue for a while now : the SMIME information regarding either signature or encryption is not displayed anywhere when reading a message (either in its own window, own tab or within the default view).

The weirdest parts are (cf images):

  • for PGP, no issues, either when receiving or sending
  • when creating the email, the SMIME signature / encryption logo is displayed as expected (at the bottom of the composition window)

I didn't find anything within the Error window (besides some issue happening with basically every email when switching from one to another in the main window) :

18:30:07.548 WebExtensions: suspend not available protocolhandler.js:350 18:30:07.582 WebExtensions: resume not available protocolhandler.js:353

Technical details :

  • System : Archlinux
  • TB version : 91.3.2
  • Installed add-on : Owl Owl (tried to contact them but no answer yet)

Does anyone have an idea why this would happen / a way to fix it ?

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I'm seeing the same thing. There is no problem showing S/MIME encryption and signing status with 'normal' accounts, or in Local Folders. Therefore I'm fairly certain it's related to Owl. So contacting them is the right thing to do.


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Thanks for the check, I'll leave this open until I get an answer from Beonex or find a way to solve the issue itself.


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