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Firefox is automatically removing items from history

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Firefox is automatically removing items/urls from history if I haven't visited that site for months.

How do I stop this behaviour.


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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? What is/are the exact error message(s) ?

What items are being removed? Places you visited again? Note: The History Manager only shows the last time you visited the link.


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Hello Fred,

There's no exact error message shown.

The behaviour goes like this:

- I access a certain site frequently (e.g twitter.com), to the point where in if I type "tw" in the address bar it automatically fills it in.

- Then if I stop accessing that certain site for months and months, and then decide to go to that website again, it's no longer showing up in the auto fill or suggestions.

- The page itself isn't saved in History (Ctrl+H)

Hopefully this helps.



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Profile data can be removed or not recorded in several ways;

  • 1) Running Firefox in Private Mode (nothing is recorded)
  • 2) Privacy settings; (In the address bar, type about:preferences#privacy<enter>)
  • 3) Many disk cleaners and anti-virus type programs can remove data from browsers
    Open their settings and have them leave the browsers alone.
  • 4) Mal-ware.


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There is a maximum to the number of visits that you can keep and if you have a large amount then you can exceed this limit.

How much history do you have and what is the maximum if you check this via the "Places Database" -> "Verify Integrity" button on the "Help -> More Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page ?

+ Table moz_places has xxxx records
+ Table moz_historyvisits has xxxx records
+ History can store a maximum of xxxx pages


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Hello Corel,

I can see those records now.

How do I go about in increasing this amount?



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According to the screenshot it is likely that you lose the history because you exceed the calculated maximum.

You can possibly create a new Number pref named places.history.expiration.max_pages if you want to modify the automatically calculated number of pages to keep (don't make the value too large).


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