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I lost my bookmarks after someone logged in to my account, How do I recover them?

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I lost all my bookmarks after someone logged in to my account and they even changed my password also they switched my primary mail as my secondary mail. I managed to change my password and gain back access to my account. They changed my password and my bookmarks were gone now, I've saved my important notes, lectures and classes. I have recovery keys of my account and all proofs that the account belongs to me. Please help me with this. Thank You!

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Unless you have a backup somewhere . . . .

Resetting the sync password, or changing its e-mail will remove all data from the servers. The username and password are used to create the encryption.

This is a security feature. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/ive-lost-my-firefox-sync-account-information

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Note: Only the data on the servers is cleared. The profile data is not changed or removed.