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new tabs

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I have used firefox for many years and really like it overall. One real problem is not being able to open new tabs to my home page (or what ever page I define to open). I have contributed to the project several times over the years but I am considering a replacement because of this issue. My hope is you might provide some solution without an addon, which always brings overhead. Please advise. Joe

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Hi Joe, the extension is the officially supported method. This one is good (and has met the requirements to be in the "Recommended" program):


I don't think that extension adds a lot of overhead because it only needs to hook into the function of opening a new tab -- it doesn't do anything in the background or inject into other pages. The bulk of the code runs when you open a new tab, or call up its settings page.

(I use a blank page for new tabs, so I'm sure anything else would feel slow to me by comparison...)

The other method, which is not officially supported, is to use a startup script (Autoconfig mechanism). Since the API to assign the new tab page requires disabling the startup script sandbox, it does come with some risk that you're opening the door to other code possibly running.

More info on startup scripting:

If you are looking for the relevant script, you'll want to find the r/Firefox threads from around the time Firefox 76 was released since, if I recall correctly, something changed around then that was relevant for this project.


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