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MASTER password

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when I have forgotten my MASTER password and create a new one does it erase all my bookmarks?

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I don't think so, only passwords will be erased.

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The Primary Password is used to encrypt the logins (usernames and passwords) stored in Lockwise. If you reset this password because you have forgotten it the you only use the logins and not other data.

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I got hit with some sort of hacking attempt [Meta?] just after setting up FireFox Lockwise on this computer. a nightmare ever since. I've tried resetting in. Tried to get rid of it. Bought a VPN before you came out with one. But not sure I would use yours after this ordeal. What do do to clear it? I did figure out that the characters appearing in the Lockwise system were 2xas many as original password but obviously I wasn't quick enough. Various fake accounts created, Is firefox a part of Meta? Is there a fix?