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Save as filename schema

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The update for TB 91.2.0 (64-bit) has changed the 'save as' filename schema. The 'save as' filename schema before the update was just the subject of the email. Now, for some mysterious reason that can only be comprehended by those that have ascended, Thunderbird wants the author, date, time and all kinds of pointless things in the file name. No biggie, BUT THE FILENAMES ARE TOO LONG TO IMPORT INTO SOME PROGRAMS. I'm at a total loss of why anything needs a file name of 200+ characters, so the change in Thunderbird has left a gash in my scalp where I've been scratching my head for a few weeks, now.

This is just a complaint. There will be no answers (because I've never gotten a single helpful answer). There will be no acknowledgement. There will only be pain. And no one that causes the pain will care.

I never thought Outlook would be something I'd prefer, but Thunderbird has forced me to reconsider my options.

Good-Bye Mozilla!

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The filenames can be customized:



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Thank you, sfhowes. It appears that gruff is having the same issue as myself. It also seems that his problem was unresolved, also, so I guess I'll take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one that found the "Save As..." filename schema change completely unnecessary and totally ridiculous. :-/


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