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VPN update doesn't work

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For a couple of weeks now, the VPN has displayed a message saying "New version is available. Update Now." With the VPN turned OFF, I click the "Update Now" link. It changes the entire window to a dialog box saying "Update Recommended. Please update the app before you continue to update the VPN. Your connection will not be secure while you update. [choices to click] Update now [or] Not now." I click "Update now." The message "Installing" appears, followed by the permission to update from 2ef9adf9.msi. I click "YES" and the dialog box disappears. There is no longer ANY dialog box relating to installation, and the VPN window is gone also, both in the main taskbar and in the notification area (the logo disappears when I move the mouse over it). None of those windows are in the Alt+Tab windows either.

When I click the VPN link on the Start menu, it opens up (apparently) the old version with a RED stripe saying "Background Services Restore" appears (I think; it doesn't stay around long enough to read it), with "Restore" apparently a link. But the link "clicks itself" in a second, and is replaced with the original "update" message.

So I'm back where I started. No message indicating what happened, but apparently the installation program fails at some point. I am paying for the VPN service. Please tell me how to fix it! I will try once more, closing the browser while running the installer.

I shut down the browser, ran the VPN installer, same results. I restarted the browser, it completed an update and my message is still on the screen. I took down the browser, tried again, and restarted the browser. It seems there is nothing I can do to get the update to work. Please help me!

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