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Print Preview Now Missing After Latest Update

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With the most recent update of Mozilla Thunderbird Email (at end of September and beginning of October 2021) I find that right-clicking on an unopened message and choosing "Print Preview" (which allowed me to view a suspicious email without opening it) is no longer an option.

Why? I need and use "Print Preview".

Now I have to open every email whereas I didn't have to before and I don't like that. It's not as safe and secure.

Is there any way "Print Preview" can be put back? I use it every day.

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See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1351569

When a 'print preview' is displayed, the message is opened, even if it hasn't been opened in the Message Pane or a tab. There is no additional security risk with the current 'preview' shown when Print is selected, versus the old 'print preview'.


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That would be fine IF the print preview actually showed anything, which it doesn't on my system and if could show me the header information on-screen so that I could see if the sender address and reply-to fields matched the supposed sender, critical parts of safe email reading

Not to mention that a right-click menu is far more efficient than having to constantly jump to the main drop down for each email as they also removed the "Print" option from the right click menu

So, to whomever it is that makes these decisions, I ask that this feature be restored in the interest of safer email reading

thank you


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