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Won't work

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Hi, the backup files listed on the Restore menu are complete snapshots of your bookmarks for that date, and not limited to the new ones added on those dates. Do you want to physically delete the full backups from disk?

If you want to view/delete your current bookmarks added during a certain period, here are the steps for that:

Sorting Bookmarks by Date Added

First, make sure you have the Added column in your Library window (called up by Manage Bookmarks). To add a new column to the display, right-click any existing column heading and check the column on the little drop-down list.

Next, if you aren't sure which folder the bookmarks are in you can do a general search in the upper right corner (entering http will match most bookmark URLs).

Then click the Added column heading to sort by that column. This should group together the bookmarks added on a particular date so you can review and delete the ones you don't want.

Does that work on your Firefox?

No because I do not have an "Added" column on the Library window called up by "Manage Bookmarks." YES I would like to "Physically delete (permanently get rid of) "the full backups from the disc." I have yet to see a "delete" tab anywhere in this version of Firefox (92.0). I would gladly revert to an earlier version if it eliminated the current "restore bookmarks" list. How do I do it?

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Can you please continue in your earlier thread? Otherwise it's hard to follow the context: