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I installed the Firefox Browser on my Samsung galaxy s9+ today and can't find a home button anywhere. Every time I want to go back to the firefox home screen I have to waste time by pressing the 3 dots in the top right corner then hitting the back arrow repeatedly until I get to the home screen. Or I have to open a new screen and if I don't close the other screens I just get a bank up of search screens.

Is there any way of adding a home button to the tool bar as I find that not having one is annoying and a bit of a deal breaker which means going back to chrome and that sux.

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This is something that we are currently testing in the Nightly version of Firefox for Android and hope to make available to more people very soon.

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Hurry up, please, it stops me from setting Mozilla as my default browser. And fire the hell outta whoever thought this was a good idea.