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Firefox 92 hangs every time I right click on a string

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I just upgraded to firefox 92. When I right click on a string I wrote such as : "zaiuryezoyhdsofh" with spell check enabled, Firefox hangs for minutes and my CPU is 100%. It happens only on a string and on every websites, even google search.

I'm able to reproduce in safe mode, but FF doesn't want to crash so no report.

System : Debian Buster 10.

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Try downloading a separate copy of Firefox and run it from the folder(do not sign into you Firefox account) to see what happens.



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Hello Jonzn,

Same problem on a new install.

Steps to reproduce (Debian Buster 10) :

  • open a new tab
  • search anything in Google
  • then write a non-existing word
  • right-click to enable spell-check
  • right-click again on the word

Same problem on every websites where I can write something


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There should be no install. Just download and run from the folder. I was not able to replicate the issue in my distro version 91.02,92.0, nor Nightly. see screenshot


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Yes, I said install but I downloaded and extracted Firefox in a new folder (Documents/new_ff is the folder I created). So, I've the same problem with a new Firefox.

I noticed that I don't have this issue with the English dictionary. When I switch to the French dictionary and right-click again, Firefox hangs with CPU to 100%.

I only have this in my CLI when it crashes : ###!!! [Parent][RunMessage] Error: Channel closing: too late to send/recv, messages will be lost

In a new installed Buster (VM) with firefox 92, I can't reproduce this issue. It seems specific to my system. Maybe i'll switch to firefox ESR

Изменено Quentin


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Is the French dictionary a dictionary you installed from the https://addons.mozilla.org website or a dictionary installed in Linux that Firefox may find via a scan or environment variable ?


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Can't remember if I installed the dictionary or not.

I tried to download Firefox in French (with default French dictionary), then spell check and it hangs. I tried to download Firefox in English, then I added the French dictionary from addons.mozilla.org, switched dictionary to French, then spell check and it hangs too.

Everything in a new directory. Also tried with a new Firefox profile, same problem.

No problem with firefox 91 from here : https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/91.0.2/linux-x86_64/fr/ ; so it's specific to Firefox 92.

It's so weird


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