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Dropbox.com page shifted up?

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Late last week when I went to dropbox.com to get some work files, I found that homepage looking as if it was shifted up (see image attachment). The upper areas like where the search bar is has become hidden behind the address bar area of Firefox, and I can't seem to fix it no matter what. I've tried clearing cache/cookies, resetting the zoom, and even in a private window it still has the same issue.

When I reached out to dropbox's support team, they came to the conclusion that it's something to do with the firefox browser itself, as logging through other web browsers like Microsoft Edge doesn't repeat this problem. I haven't done anything new to firefox like installing new extensions or anything, though I remember that there was an update recently and this might be the first time I've accessed dropbox since then.

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I would try to disable some extensions or themes or try a user-agent switcher. If that does not work then I would install the Dropbox desktop experience for Windows.


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It's hard to explain why it slides up. The main element that contains the page has position: sticky which is the same as position: fixed with a vertical position of 0 (zero), and height and width set to consume the entire available area.

Do you use any extensions that might tweak fixed position items to try to hide annoyances? If so, try disabling those on Dropbox and see whether it makes any difference. Or more generally, try disabling any extensions that modify pages from changing Dropbox.


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