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PC vs. Tablet switches randomly

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Everytime I go to my bank, it's a crapshoot as to whether it thinks I'm a tablet / phone or a PC. And, I'm using a PC. I can't do things in tablet mode that I can do when I get it to see if I'm a PC. I know I'm screwed when it suggests that I download the app because I can do more there.  :(

And, I am still trying to figure out why, and how I'm able to get it to change it's mind! And, there's no "desktop mode" on the menu anymore, so I can't force it that way. It's really frustrating when I'm trying to reconcile my bank. I can't click on the Cleared button in "tablet" mode. I used to see it on my 360 convertible, and figured it was hardware based. But, now it's a straight laptop, no tablet mode.

Help? --Jan

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Remove History For One Site {web link}

Open the History Manager <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> H. In the search bar, enter the name of the site. Right-click on one of the listings and select Forget About This Site. This should remove all information, including any site settings


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How wide is the Firefox window ?

If the window is too small or you are zooming the page or use a higher DPI setting in your OS then the website can switch to mobile or other format for devices with a small window.

You can possibly test this by zooming out.


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Both of these are possibilites.

FredMcD: Thank you for the tip on removing a single site so I can "start over" quickly! Rebooting my computer usually works, but sometimes you can't afford that time.  :( And, I can definitely use this tip the many times I wished I could!

cor-el: I have a hi-def screen, and set it to 125% (recommended), however, sometimes I have to zoom in a little, or don't have the browser maximized when I start out. It sounds awfully reasonable from a code perspective! Got to love it when MS "makes our lives easier".

I'll try both and let you folks know!



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