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Restore Default Theme

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06/10/2021 To experiment I tried the light theme. Inadvertently this theme has now become my default theme. I've clicked on the menu three bars and tried to disable this theme, but without another theme in place it doesn't allow you. There original theme is not offered as an option.

I'm completey reliant on bookmarks and tabs and would love to see the screen appear as it did yesterday. Please help. Windows 10.

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Hello mbc1,

A theme is an add-on that changes the visual appearance of Firefox. You can switch to another theme as follows:

  1. Click the menu button Fx57Menu and choose Add-ons.
  2. Switch to the Themes tab.
    • The built-in Default, Light and Dark themes will be listed, as well as any themes you installed yourself.
  3. Find the theme you want to use and click the Enable button.

To uninstall any themes you installed yourself, click the Remove button and they'll be uninstalled instantly.

For more information about Firefox themes, see the articles Use themes to change the look of Firefox and Built-in themes in Firefox - alternative to complete themes.

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I recently upgraded to Firefox version 89.0. I absolutely hate all the themes listed in the "Themes" tab, and I'd like to go back to the default theme that was used in all previous versions.

When I follow the directions listed here, there is no "Default" theme option listed. The only ones I see are "System theme", "Dark", "Firefox Alpenglow", and "Light", along with some "Recommended Themes" I can install.

What can I do?


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Now I understand do you want to change the layout? But I'm still unsure if it's the theme or layout Because there was never a "Default" what it had been "Dark", "Firefox Alpenglow" and "Light"

Well it's possible, but it's not recommended because this function will be removed, I'll show you how to do it: Disable Firefox version 89 (Proton UI) Design

  1. In address bar type "about:config"
  2. Click on "I will be careful"
  3. Type "proton" in search bar
  4. See "browser.proton.enabled" in search list
  5. Toggle "browser.proton.enabled" to False
  • You are done!

WARNING: There are plans to remove this preference in the next two months The preference setting was created as a toggle for developers when building the new design. Now that the new interface has shipped, the preference will be removed.

If you have any issues with the new design, please let us know what it is you don't like, and we can try provide more permanent solutions depending on the issue.

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