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Firefox logging out of accounts

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I recently had to "refresh" Firefox after internet connectivity issues (Firefox would randomly be unable to connect to the internet for several minutes at a time, many times throughout the day). A refresh seemed to take care of that connectivity issue, but it did reset everything else. I'm having issues now where Firefox is automatically logging me out of accounts that I would normally be logged into all the time. Passwords don't autofill anymore when I attempt to re-login to this accounts (even though post-refresh I have opted for Firefox to remember them).

"Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" is currently UNchecked, and besides that, I haven't quit Firefox. I've put my computer (mac) to sleep several times but I don't quit firefox when I do this.

Any other ideas? I've used Firefox for years without a single issue but have had several things pop up over the course of the past month that are making it a bit inconvenient...

Thanks in advance-

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Okay so for some reason I'm not able to edit my question. I wanted to add that Firefox is simply not saving my logins that I'd like for it to save. When I log into a website and enter my info, and I get the Firefox popup asking me if I'd like for it to be saved, I hit "Save" but it still won't show up under Saved Logins in Prefs. I have all the boxes checked in Prefs opting into autofill etc.


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while my experience with mac is very limited, other than me playing around with it here and there, it sounds like maybe your FF account is actively syncing.

You observation on the long wait times, is a clue about the issue at hand.

i think the first step to ensure your FF is not the problem but instead the symptom, try logging out of your FF account. Then relaunch FF and test drive it.

something else you might try is to temporary stop apps, like anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-this&that from launching with your operating system. Then test drive your FF again.

If any of the above proved towards resolving the issue, then you found the possible cause. Nextly you have to pinpoint the exact app that is incompatable or requires updating.

Let us know what you find out!

There are experts around here that know the Mac very well. But i hope the above basic concepts will prove helpful to you.


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Does Firefox update file in the profile folder during the session and when you close Firefox ?

Make sure you install Firefox properly and that you do not run Firefox from within the DMG (Disk Image) file.

Open the Firefox Disk Image file and drag the Firefox application to the Applications folder on your hard drive. You shouldn't double-click the Firefox application to run it from the Disk Image, but instead drag it out of the DMG folder.


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Thanks both for your input. I semi-figured out what happened with the password issue. Something happened after the "refresh" where it just had trouble syncing. None of my add-ons or passwords were showing up post refresh even though I was logged into my FF account. This morning I uninstalled and reinstalled, and everything synced correctly, including all my old addons, and my password autofills.

Towards the end of the day yesterday before I uninstalled, I was having those connectivity issues again where the internet for my Firefox says it's can't connect (YT videos would pause, Gmail wouldn't connect etc). I know this is Firefox and not an internet issue because Google Chrome would be able to function fine during this Firefox downtime.

Anyway, hopefully today's reinstall takes care of that too. I will update if that problem persists.

Thank you


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