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Mozilla programmers have finally, totally and very thoroughly sabotaged Firefox.

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Latest update installed and lo and behold, once again Mozilla screwed it up. I now have one tab on the bottom of the page instead of many in a toolbar at the top of the page. Mozilla continues to ignore users' complaints about tab location preferences and other tab functionality and arbitrarily making decisions which for most people make no sense. This latest iteration of Firefox (89.0) is for me the last straw. I will no longer humor Mozilla by spending countless frustrating hours correcting your obvious lack of programming skills by attempting to return my browser to what it was prior to another faulty update. My patience has finally run out. Before I leave Mozilla and Firefox, one last comment. Because the Mozilla support forum relies on amateurs and volunteers to answer users questions, and since I have had trouble getting workable solutions to my problems, I tried to send feedback directly to Mozilla. That was a monumental task which I was not up to, obviously, which is why I'm here. Whatever good there is in Firefox is far out weighed by the lack of programming skills, beta testing, quality control, etc. prior to forcing out updates to it's users. Like many recent users I have decided to forego further use of the Firefox browser which is unreliable from a development team which does not seem to care. I am beginning to wonder if the continuing screw ups are being deliberately caused by embedded saboteurs from Google or Microsoft!

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llboudreau2012 said

I now have one tab on the bottom of the page instead of many in a toolbar at the top of the page.

The custom style rules you have been using in your userChrome.css file need an update to work with Firefox 89. Don't take it personally, everyone who uses older "tabs on bottom" code is reporting the same issue. A fellow user recently worked through the tweaking process and posted his solution here: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1339095

But I understand you have made other choices, so good luck and be safe on the web.


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jscher2000 - Yes, I have already made other choices and have settled on Waterfox G3.2.3 (64-bit) based on Gecko 78.12.0 I now have a browser that looks and acts like my old, comfortable version of Firefox once did after several minor, easily followed tweaks from some helpful folks. Most importantly, tabs are now under the Bookmarks toolbar where I am accustomed to having them and I was also able to easily get rid of the annoying Status Bar popup messaging when doing a mouseover a link. So all in all, a productive outcome so far. Good Luck with your Mozilla forum advice work. Your calm demeanor takes some of the sting out of the barbs thrown your way and lends to the respect and trust placed in you for your replies.


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