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Proton Tabs Are Undistinguishable! Please Fix!

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Please, PLEASE put back the space between the tabs in the Proton version of Firefox. As a web designer, I don't understand how any designer on your staff or any supervisor would okay what looks like a seamless tab bar. The UX is horrible.

I've temporarily changed the about:config to mimic Photon. But I understand you are going to get rid of that ability in the about:config file.

Why do you tweak a decent UI into an unusable one? This is becoming an epidemic. Similar things happen on Facebook and with Photoshop (where "upgrades" make parts of the application unusable—that is, they no longer work).

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I can't understand this one, either. You can disable proton in the config file and get a separator between them again. Otherwise it is just plain unusable. Toggle browser.proton.enabled to disabled.

Web design used to be about making things as intuitive as possible and easy to use. I don't know what they are going for now.


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A longer term workaround is possible through a userChrome.css file, which is a community-supported (unofficial) solution. There's an active community of style writers working on different approaches. By the time the built-in preference is removed, I'm sure you will have many to choose from.

In case of future need, I have a simple one here -- the third box has the options for making the background tabs more visible:

Making the background more or less busy seems to be a design fashion that comes and goes. From 2014-2017, Firefox 29-56 didn't have highly visible dividers between the inactive/background tabs; they were very subtle. I'm attaching a screenshot of the workaround I created back in the day and used during those years. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.


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