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right click has LIMITED menu options in google results search after update to 89.0 (windows-7/64)

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Hope you can fix this asap.

I'm going to have to immediately abandon firefox browser to continue working, as this is unworkable for me.

again - the issue is: right click menu - some options are GONE (example - open in new tab or window)

Seems to happen (so far) only in google results search

Noticed this after update to Firefox 89.0 --- am Using windows-7 professional /64

I TRIED to get a screen shot of this (thanks for messing THAT up, as right click for THAT doesn't work now EITHER).

So I tried to do a screen shot using ALT + PRNT SCRN - but when I try that, the very thing I am trying to take a screen-shot of (the right click menu box) GOES BLANK / WHITES OUT. (so I cannot even show you a picture of the issue.)

Could this be some kind of a conflict / issue with: adblockers? extensions? add-ons? Google itself?

thanks (crickets)

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OKAY - I made my own solution.

After 3 days of messing with downgrading to FF v88 and NOT being able to restore my logins and passwords for literally THOUSANDS of websites -

My solution was to

1.) TURN OFF antivirus software.

2.) engage WINDOWS SYSTEM RESTORE to an earlier restore point (in my case, May 10th 2021)

3.) success. My computer is working and firefox has been restored to v88 in a usable state.

I will now create a FF profile backup. (and perhaps will also consider using FF sync (I don't really WANT to use SYNC because services like that are EXACTLY how mass password hacks happen).

But I will do this in hopes that the next update (or 3?) will FIX these technical issues which make FF unusable for me.

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That was very good work. Well Done. Please flag your last post as Solved Problem as this can help others with similar problems. Go to that post and click the 'Solved' button to its right.

Sync is not meant as a backup. Sync is used to share selected data between different profiles/systems.


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