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Firefox Color Extension

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Hello Firefox people, I noticed that before the last upgrade to the browser, my Firefox Color was working fine. Then it stopped altogether. Now it will load up, but there are no colors in the area where there was before the upgrade. I am on Windows 7. Is there a better version to use with the extension? An older one maybe that isn't too terribly old, or is that not a good idea? I made some themes I want to send out--about 15 of them! Is there an other way to give away my art forFirefox Color--posting it somewhere, or another" loading zone"? Thank you for your time and help. It is getting frustrating that it keeps refusing to load up completely. I love playing with the colors. Have a good day. Sincerely, VJ Smith

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Hello again from Spring Song, Thank you for fixing Firefox Color Extension, it is much better now. I am still having trouble with the front page button on the main tab being a dark background though. It should be white. I see there are no ways of changing those buttons in the Extension, even under the advanced tab in the program. Everything works fine now except for that one thing. I guess we just have to be patient with the upgrades until things are working again. Is there any way to fix this problem from my end, or do I just need to more patient and wait some more? Thanks for any help. Have a good day.

PS I have pocket, Malwarebytes, color, Ghostery, scrollbar, HTTPS and badger


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I was able to change the New Tab Background Color using Firefox Color, but it seems that I cannot use Firefox Color anymore. I've attached 2 files to show what Firefox Color looks like now.

Additionally, my browser page changes its appearance with a theme that I haven't chosen, and when I disable the theme I want (Gradient Orange-Blue) and then re-enable it, the Gradient Orange-Blue theme "turns on" again (the browser changes back to my desired theme).

Please let me know if you need more information.


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