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Lost Logins and Passwords...AGAIN!

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Have been a consistent user of Firefox for years and years! Never had a problem with it Saving my Logins and Passwords until last June, suddenly lost it all (over 10 years worth of logins and passwords!!!) Could not recover them no matter what I did (and I followed all the tips and tricks anyone has posted in the forums). Ok, so it gave us a chance to clean out the junk sites we don't go to anymore....

Then it happened again a month later. And then the month after that. And the month after that. Every month since June. Now its been a year and I've lost it all again - by this time I don't even bother trying what everyone says will work, because none of it has.

I'm sick and tired of losing my logins and passwords for no apparent reason. It doesn't matter if I'm logged into my Firefox account or not. My Old Firefox folder hasn't been updated since December and the json file in there has nothing in it.

I love using Firefox. Its my go-to browser. I don't use any other browser at all. If someone could let me know whet the heck is happening I would appreciate it.

Steve Bowman