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usernames and passwords disappeared

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Never had this happen so it freaks me out a little. I was making a purchase on ebay and my username and password didn't come up automatically as they always to. I went to my online email and the same thing. I was afraid to log in to anything thinking that maybe someone had hacked firefox or something and had set something up to get my information. Or does this happen sometimes and there is nothing to it? Or did some link mess up all of a sudden and it can be fixed? If so, how? Or do I just have to re-log in to everything and have it save them all over again? Hope this isn't to confusing but I'd appreciate any help. thanks

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My OS is Linux Ubuntu 18.04 so I don't see any Old Firefox folder on my desktop. But I do have my bookmarks, add-ons and history intact. One thing is, I had just been prompted to add the ubuntu updates and was allowing it to do that while I was browsing. But I have done that before without problems. Maybe this time something went wrong. Or maybe I was trying to log into ebay just when something was happening and something got messed up.

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Did you look at the last link I posted? I called for more help.