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Firefox lost all my logins

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Firefox lost all my logins/passwords. This happened last year and now it happens again. I've tried to find the old logins.json file and of course it does not work with it. It is empty. I'm using linux and there is no problem with any antivirus, it is simply a Firefox 'classical' error!

WHY is this happening? What is in the mind of the programmer responsible for this error? I can't understand why is he unable to keep a single file intact?

Why Mozilla is blaming the user for not having a backup. Firefox is messing this file, not the user! Why don't you fix Firefox and stop blaming the user? Why don't you simply FIX THE PROBLEM? You are "working on it" for years. Is it rocket science to JUST LET THE FILE ALONE?

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maybe the profile with your data is not launching and instead a blank profile is.

go to the following url and see if there are other profiles listed that you can invoke and check out the above theory



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