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I cannot find any of the folders I used when I first installed Firefox 88. Now I just put all new bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar list. Is there some simple way to organize them?

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I had to do a factory reset of my computer a few months ago and reinstall Firefox. I have never found the bookmark folders that I used when I first got Firefox 88. Folders do not show up when I open the library, select bookmarks and manage bookmarks. Now I put all new ones in bookmark toolbar and they are a long list that is difficult to use. Is there a simple way to find and create folders so I can organize the bookmarks in toolbar and put them in folders?

I could not understand the information in the answers to similar questions. I need simple directions that are not too technical for someone without sophisticated computer skills. Thanks in advance.

In my question above, I have taken out 3 sentences but it still says I have too many characters. At first it said I had 11 more than the 255 limit; after deleting all that, it says I have 40 more. It won't make sense if I take out any more.

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Take a look at this article and see if it helps solve the issue:


Once you clean up and organize your bookmarks, I suggest to then create a FF Account and sync them to the cloud. Then log out of the account. This will help preserve them/back them up.

Keep us apprised of your progress and or pitfalls.  :-)


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